image inkoneart started following you

I promised myself I’d never make a post like this - but that amazing moment when an artist/designer you idealize starts following you and your heart f*ing stops….that. just. happened.

If you don’t know who InkOne is - go check out his site. I first fell in love with his "Something about us…" Daft punk design. I’ve got to say it’s the most cash I’ve ever shelled out for a t-shirt in my entire life but it was worth every penny. I immediately started following his Tumblr and Facebook and quickly picked up "Master Using It And You Can Have This" from Legend of Zelda and "Dark Sided" from Star Wars (which was featured on my BIRTHDAY!) when they were featured on Shirt Punch.

I have so much love for that guy.

Want some of his awesome prints? You can get them for 50% off ($3.50 EACH) when you inter INKONE50 HERE.

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